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Faggotgirl Does Day Labor
(the movie)

Faggotgirl Does Crawford

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Faggotgirl Does South By Southwestl

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Welcome! This site is dedicated to FAGGOTGIRLS everywhere!

Why the safety orange?
Because then they cant claim "i thought that sonofabitch was a DEER!" when they shoot at us.

What exactly IS a FAGGOTGIRL? There are several answers to that question.

FAGGOTGIRL is my superhero action figure of myself. hey, there aren't a lot of them out there, so i made my own. Very punk rock.

FAGGOTGIRL is also the job i held at a machine shop. Its true! My job was to walk around from wood stove to wood stove, carrying little bundles of sticks, to use as kindling to light the fires. Look it up in the dictionary!

FAGGOTGIRL is also what i got called by some rural guy who didnt even know the word "lesbian" but who guessed (correctly) that i was a big dyke, and so on-the-spot invented a word for a woman who dressed like a rural machine-shop guy.

EVERYONE CAN BE A FAGGOTGIRL!!! Its fun and easy! Just be yourself and have people make snap negative judgements about your character and sexuality! Then you, too, are part of the revolution!

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Faggotgirl Does Day Labor

Faggotgirl Does Camp Casey